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Relaxing Intune Bitlocker policy for removeable disks

A quick post about an issue I ran into today whilst trying to create an OSDCloud USB stick (BTW anyone interesting in cloud imaging, I thoroughly recommend checking out David Segura’s site : OSDCloud.com).

Anyway I created a new image on my Intune-managed laptop and as you might typically expect, we have bitlocker policies for drive encryption. However by default, this will also ask the user to either encrypt the drive to allow writing to it or not do so but open it in a read-only mode. Given that I needed a bootable USB drive the encryption option wasn’t going to work for me. Digging through the policy settings, I eventually came to a setting called Deny write access to removable drives not protected by BitLocker which needed to be set to disabled. After several minutes/syncs and a few restarts later (yes, I’m impatient) The previously greyed out ‘paste’ option when I selected the drive appeared and for all intents and purposes I figured all would now be well. Unfortunately not.

At this point I was scratching my head a bit until I noticed a file on my desktop called WriteAccessUSB.reg. I guess I must have run into a similar issue in the past and this did the trick. Open regedit and browse to the following location:


Add/change the following setting:


Finally just remove and replace your USB drive (no need to restart) and it should be readable.