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Orchestrator Run Book 10801 Error

Just felt I needed to write a post in for this as I have spent a very frustrating morning trying to get a perfectly good (and fairly simple) run book to work with ConfigMgr 2012 R2 / MDT 2013.

All ran fine in the runbook tester but once I added the step to a task sequence and ran it my SMSTS.log file looked as follows:Scorch2Now the 10801 error seems somewhat ubiquitous regardless of what the actual issue is. For example, you’re as likely to receive it for a run book you’ve forgotten to check in as you are for using an account without publishing permissions. Unfortunately given how commonly this error seems to occur, there appears to be precious little about it on the internet. Indeed I have to confess I never found the proper solution to fix the problem. Anything vaguely approaching a solution seems to centre around running the following SQL script on the Orchestrator database. It might be worth trying this before attempting the workaround below:

TRUNCATE TABLE [Microsoft.SystemCenter.Orchestrator.Internal].AuthorizationCache

However, this DIDN’T work for me.


I did however fix my problem nonetheless. The ‘solution’ for me was simply to create a brand new run book and recreate my previous steps. Once I’d done this, I tested again against a dummy task sequence before putting into my live sequence and all was well. I apologise this isn’t a proper ‘fix’ for the issue, but as I say at the time of writing there is very little on the subject and nothing I could find with my specific errors. Hopefully it will be quicker just to try this than spend several hours banging your head against a wall.