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The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Gather) in the group (State Restore) with the error code 2147942402…The operating system reported error 2147942402: The system cannot find the file specified.

Thought I’d do a quick post on this as there is precious little to be found in forums about this task sequence ‘bug’. I say bug, really it’s probably just lazy programming (I haven’t checked the specifics but the evidence leads me to believe this is the case).

Anyway…the scenario is this:

MDT 2013 U1

MDT-infused Client Task Sequence goes all the way through until it hits the Gather step under the State Restore phase. At this point you are hit with:

In this case the Set Variable For Drive Letter step under the Install section had set the OSDPreserveDriveLetter task sequence variable to TRUE which caused my OS disk to be set to X: for some reason! I suspect the same may happen if the OS had been installed on another drive other than C: but I haven’t tested this so can’t say for sure. Equally it appears to happen only with Gather Only Local Data. In any case the fix is to ensure you are installing to C: